Drillthrough for #BISM Tabular and attribute keys in #SSAS #Denali

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In an Analysis Services cube you can define drillthrough actions on a cube. This feature has been working since SQL 2005 and now it will be available in both BISM Multidimensional and BISM Tabular in the next version of SQL Server "Denali".

In the current CTP3 you can already use the drillthrough on a Tabular model: by default, all the columns of the table containing the measure definition you are asking for drillthrough are returned. Even if the BIDS user interface doesn't have any feature to do that, you can send XMLA statements to your Tabular model in order to create the desired Drillthrough Action. In this way, Excel will show to the end user alternative drillthrough actions and you can also override the default drillthrough action! This is particularly important in case you want to include columns from related tables of your data model.


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