Soccer statistics in Gemini (PowerPivot) and Excel 2010

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Soccer is the US name for football and even little Sweden have a national league with a top division called "Allsvenskan". There is statististics published during the season regarding how many penalties, free kicks, red and yellow cards that the players in each team have collected. My thought was to see how I can collect and analyze that information in Gemini and Excel 2010.

Before that fun begins let me sum my thoughts about Gemini. Parts of it also come from different discussion forums and MS presentation material.  Gemini let you build large tables, from databases, web page information, Excel and text files, without having to use a ETL tool like Integration Services, connect that information and analyze that data in Excel Pivot Tables.  You can do this locally in Excel 2010 or publish the information to the Gemini Server that is part of the next version of Sharepoint. Gemini is not the same as the next version of Analysis Services that will be part of SQL Server 2008 R2 and is planned to be released next year.


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