PowerPivot's Role in Enterprise BI

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Last week I pulled a new pair of running shoes out of the box and laced them up. As much as I love running and a pristine new pair of shoes, I have no intention of giving up my bicycle or car and running everywhere in my new shoes! All these methods of locomotion have a proper place in my life.

This summer, business intelligence (BI) users and technologists everywhere are eyeing a shiny new pair of “shoes” called PowerPivot. Some users are imagining a world free of IT reliance where they can run anywhere and do anything all by themselves. Others are a bit afraid of the new shoes and want to keep using the tried and true bicycle and car for everything. Many are just confused about exactly what, when and how they are supposed to use these new shoes.

This article is to help those grappling with this dilemma understand when they should run, when they should pedal, and when they should fire up the car and drive.



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