Importing data from Analysis Services 2000 to PowerPivot

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Companies that have cubes on Analysis Services 2000 and still have not completed a migration to SSAS 2005/2008 might be interested in connecting to AS2000 from PowerPivot. Unfortunately, there are several limitations about using AS2000 as a data source for PowerPivot.

Connecting issues

The client PC where PowerPivot for Excel runs requires the PivotTable Service installed to be able to connect to AS2000. This might seem a non-issue because it is the same requirement for any existing AS2000 client (in particular, it requires the PivotTable service). However, chances are that existing AS2000 clients are on older virtual machines or servers accessed through Terminal Server, while Excel 2010 might be installed on another server (used by remote connections) or on the client PC. At the end, it is often the case that the PivotTable service is not present on the same PC where PowerPivot for Excel runs.



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