Monitor your SSIS Package execution with PowerPivot

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I had a interesting week so far, we had a problem in one of our reports, to debug this I wanted to gain insight in how well (or not) our SSIS packages where performing. Eventually the solution was a not in the SSIS execution but a Sproc not being deployed to the production environment (mea culpa :( ).

I started by querying the SSIS logging table used by the SSIS logging provider to determine the execution time of packages and controls. Watching the bulk of data coming up (we run a few packages every minute) and some smart ordering I quickly decided package execution was excellent so the problem had to lie elsewhere.

But while browsing through the data i got the idea wouldn’t it be great when we could see and analyze how package execution performs through the day, or per package, or per day of the week. What better way to do this than by PowerPivot?


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